About My Texas Payday



While we are a relative newcomer to lending in the Lone Star State, we have been involved in the industry since 2008 in Canada where we originated. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in Canada and we will hopefully have tens of thousands of customers in Texas. We are especially excited about Texas because as the second most populous state in America, there are nearly as many Texans as there are Canadians.


Why We're Here

We believe that the work we've done in other jurisdictions will be highly transferable to this state. The core of the business is the same in every area, because the financial problems that people face are nearly universal and apply to every group of people that has a form of currency. People need access to liquidity and they need it quickly, without judgement or rude treatment from unfriendly bankers. We aim to provide that service in Texas and quickly become the nation's leading lender.