Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question, we have an answer. Sometimes we have already answered that question, in which case look below.


General Questions:

Q: Can I cancel my loan if I don't want it?

A: Inside 48 hours you absolutely can, and we won't charge you any interest.

Q: I want to get started but first tell me how it works

A: Aside from the form that you've probably already looked at, there is a second stage to the application system that you'll need to complete once the form has been submitted. In this step you'll be given some links to applications that you can download for either your PC or your phone. These will allow you to go into your online banking and give us a screen capture of your banking details. We will need to see the past 31 days of transactions before we can make a decision on your loan application.

Q: Are reloans the same?

A: Just about, except you don't need to fill out the application again. You can just run the screencap program and send the last 31 days of transactions along with the amount you wish to borrow. We'll automatically check the results and contact you with a new contract.

Q: You say your qualifications are minimal, but what are they?

A: In short, you need to have a full time job, a bank account as well as online access to that bank account, and you need to live in the great state of Texas.

Q: I don't have a job right now but I am collecting disability or a pension

A: We're very sorry, but at this point in time that's not going to work for us.